Accordant Estates, Basildon, Essex

Welcome to Accordant

We started Accordant Estates to improve and enhance your community – to make it a better place to live. We are committed to enhancing your environment and to keeping it that way.

We will break with the existing approach of companies in this sector and will put residents first. The needs of any community should be identified from within and the services provided should reflect what the community wants, not be imposed from outside. Residents know what’s needed to create, improve and maintain the environment in which they live. We will work with you to create specifications that match your requirements, ensuring value for money and active supervision of work are applied at all times.

It is our aim to provide a consistent and high-quality service which satisfies and exceeds your requirements and expectations. We understand the importance of the environment in which we work, that the condition of resident’s physical surroundings can be as valuable to them as that of their own property. We acknowledge and accept that the quality of our service will be reflected in the work conducted and we will ensure that our values are acknowledged and understood by all in our employ.

Accordant Estates, Basildon, Essex

Our Customer Care Charter


  • Acknowledge receipt of all emails and online enquiries within 1 working day.
  • Answer online enquiries, emails (and letters) with a full and satisfactory reply, with suitable urgency and within 10 working days.
  • Where it may take longer than 10 working days to research and provide a full answer, provide an acknowledgment within 5 working days with the contact name and estimated timescale for a full reply.

Telephone Calls:

  • Respond to telephone calls courteously and promptly, i.e. within 5 rings (08:00 – 18:00).
  • Provide a full response where possible or arrange for the appropriate person to contact the caller within 1 working day.
  • Provide the name of the person answering and, if appropriate, of the person who will respond or should be contacted in future.

Estate Inspection:

  • Weekly inspection of communal parts of the estate.
  • Report repairs and other matters identified through inspections, to the appropriate interested party or parties, within 5 working days.


  • Comply with the timescales in the Complaints Procedure (available on request).
  • Resolve complaints where possible within 10 working days and otherwise as quickly as possible.
Accordant Estates, Basildon, Essex

Service to residents

Accordant recognises that residents are its customers and we are committed to delivering a high quality and responsive estate management service.

Detailed and comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been drawn up by Accordant and agreed by our clients. The SLAs are organic by design and will be developed as appropriate. We will work with our clients and residents to create the specifications they require.

Accordant will measure the quality and performance of all services to ensure the maintenance of high service standards. This will be achieved through the inspection and assessment of service delivery against targets set out in the appropriate SLA or contract specification. Performance information will be collated monthly and reported at agreed frequencies to the our clients.

Residents will be consulted through satisfaction surveys and will have the opportunity to provide feedback at regularly held meetings.

The SLAs reflect the following categories:

  1. Customer Care, Supervision and Management
  2. Property Maintenance
    1. Planned maintenance
    2. Reactive maintenance
    3. Priority Scheme
  3. Cleaning
    1. General cleaning services
    2. Window cleaning services
  4. Open Spaces
    1. Landscape maintenance
    2. Car parks and private roadways
    3. Swales
  5. Major Works
  6. Service Charges